Wet Dream


 my eyes are closed

my heart is racing

i am yours

for the taking


touch me tease me please me oh

don’t ever stop

just take it slow

and never ever let me go


sweating drooling full of lust

almost there now

about to bust

i just want to feel your thrust


waking up with blissful sighs

and the wetness between my thighs

then  i see the truth

behind my brains disguise



I miss you in  the silence

The days we are apart seem so long

I miss your smile

The way you make me feel I belong


I miss your hands against my skin

and your voice in my ear

i wish that you missed me

but I’m just someone to fill i fear


I just want you to hold me

and fight away my sorrow

but I’m always left here

hoping for tomorrow


this silence is so deafening

please rescue me from you

and I’m hoping that the day will come

when you will feel this to

When I said it I meant it


It’s hard to believe you missed me

when you weren’t there

and you could of been

you are so unfair


i always think about you

it haunts me day to day

and you just walk in and out

i wish you would just stay


my life could be a whole lot different

we could be together

but you chose a different path

and i couldn’t hold the tether


i can’t believe i still want you

more than want it’s love

and you constantly dismiss me

always give me the shove


i am still here waiting

for you to see the truth

that i meant what i said

i have loved you since my youth

At Sundown


When the sun goes down today

you will meet your end

i can no longer tolerate you

you can not defend


when the sun goes down today

your punishment begins

because of what you did to me

i hope your pain never ends


when the sun goes down today

and the moon comes up

you will meet your maker

enough has become enough


I can no longer take this

and you deserve to fry

so when the sun goes down today

you are going to die

Old Man


shut your fucking face

you have no room to talk

how dare you talk to me that way

i’ll have you outlined in chalk


fuck you you old fuck

i hope you rot in hell

my life is fucked because of you

in case you couldn’t tell


i hate your fucking presence

it leaves a bad taste in my mouth

i wish that you would pack a bag

and make a trip down south


you do not deserve to breath

you worthless piece of shit

so just go back in your hole

and take another hit


your a disgrace to mankind

you disrespectful fuck

and you have fucked me for the last time

and now your luck is up

Enough said



fuck you for fucking me

in more ways than one

i was just another notch

just another night of fun


fuck you for fucking me

and walking away

and leaving me sitting here

with nothing to say


fuck you for fucking me

don’t say it’s not true

i’m sorry your life is fucked

but you fucked mine up to


fuck you for fucking me

because now i’m alone

and regretting the day

i answered my phone




I’m asking



please leave me alone

i don’t really care

how great your life is

because mine is unfair


please leave me alone

i just want to die

nothing to live for

and i do nothing but cry


please leave me alone

i don’t want to see you

i can’t trust you people

you all are deceitful


please leave me alone

i just need a break

before i lose my cool

and make another mistake


please leave me alone

can’t you see i’ve had enough

i was already broken

even though i act tough


please leave me alone

i don’t feel like you do

we’re not the same

your intentions untrue


please leave me alone

this has come to an end

i no longer trust you

you’re no longer my friend

Bow out

bloody tools

I am going to stab that bitch

because she deserves to die

and i think it’s worth the risk

of going to the lake of fire to fry


I am going to shoot that bitch

because she’s got what i want

she has everything,she’s rich!

And so she’s worth the haunt


I am going to bludgeon that bitch

because it’s easier for me if I do

maybe i can cure this itch

of wanting to be with you


I am going to poison that bitch

because it’s beyond me now

You really shouldn’t have flipped the switch

so go on take a bow