Wishing Well


I fell down a wishing well

But my dreams did not come true

For of all the princes in this realm

I ended up with you


You tore me apart

and left me to die

turned your back on the world

without even a goodbye


How dare you! such a coward

turn your back on my true love

I thought you were so perfect

Thought we fit just like a glove


The Mission is Simple, The Journey Endless……….

The answers lie in the belly of the beast

I make a home there and wallow and fester

Try to find my way to the promised land of the east

Induce my own pain and mine own pleasure


I’ve been on this journey for a while

Taken this beaten path far too long

I fear I am going senile

I fear that i was wrong


I want to find my homeland

But i fear it shall not come to pass

Thanks to my heart i’ve been banned

I pray for the end to come at last





Something dwells inside me

lingering ,waiting

eating whats left of me

from the inside out


It will never go away

Because I feed it a feast

We all do

Feed it incessantly


Yet still it hungers for more

more blood, more pain

more endless hours

floating away

Something Inside Me


These are the words from inside me

The ones i hold close and true

The lessons that i have bled for

The ones i learned from you

I bleed from the inside

walk around in my weed induced haze

I want to crawl inside myself

And stay trapped there for days

I need you to bring me out of this

I know i said i didn’t but i lied

Just please come back and be the one

come back and try to be all  mine

So Cold

it's cold literally 
i feel it in my bones
it's cold figuratively
i feel it in my soul

i am bleeding in and out
bleeding me and you
feeling so much doubt
oh what can i do with you

i want to curl up inside myself and hide
i want to be nothing be vapor
literally want to die
i think that might be safer

i wish i could run away
find my own corner of the world 
but i am bound and chained
waiting for whats to come to unfurl

Take You With Me

you have murdered my heart multiple times
serial killer of my heart
multiple times with multiple knives
Oh! sigh why did i even start

I always knew it would end this way
but you will be back again
Because this feeling never fades
i wish it wouldn't begin

I know this is the end for now
you heartless piece of shit
hopefully when you come back around
I'll still be here to dig you out of your pit

I hope your fucking happy with her
and i know you know thats a fucking lie
i wish there was a love sick cure
I wish i would fucking die

Insane Brain

my sanity is out the window
a quick hello goodbye
ive finally gone off the deep end
there's lots of reasons why

all these things bouncing around
inside my head within my brain
torturing relentlessly
driving me insane

someday it might come back to me
before i take that final bow
i might miss my sanity
but it's goodbye for now

Love Suicide?

lying here and feeling broke
thinking of those words you spoke
all the pain that you evoke
treating me as if im a joke

how could you just walk away?
when i really needed you to stay
without you i am on the fray
you are the predator and i the prey

someday you'll regret this i know
but by then you'll have gone to slow
and you'll be the one with nothing to show
but as they say you reap what you sow