Wasting time 

I suffer in the seconds

Seconds torment the hours

Every moment I’m not with you

We lose what once was ours
_____________________________How do you do it?

I really need to know

The moments are unbearable 

I need to let this go


How can you do this? 

What happened to your heart

The short distance grows more and more

Every moment that we’re apart



Sleep deprivation
Is such an agitation
I need some medication
To escape this aggrivation
Im growing so impatient
With the constant alienation
i will withdraw my hesitation
And take down this whole nation
I need i new sensation
Besides this damnation
So stuck on this station
Drowning with no flotation
So filled up with this frustration
In need of revelation
Instead of soul starvation
Be my salvation
Give me my sedation
So i can give my proclamation
And rejoice in revelations



As the sand flows through the glass

I look at how much time has passed

And how i’ve sailed through life half mast

And how i want you to be first and last

But you put me to the side

in such a way that i despise

But i’ll give in when i see those eyes

to you this comes as no surprise

I’ll follow you to the bitter end

And always try to remain your friend

Even when it falls out of trend

In this love im perpetually condemned

Left Behind


I was on cloud 9 for once

Then you had to walk in

All those good feelings wasted away

And so we must begin

To take another go on this tilt a whirl

Your love makes me sick

makes me recoil inside myself

And you’ll be gone rather quick

All the endless hours i wasted

time i can never get back

gives me time to think i guess

you’re a tough code to crack

What goes on in that head of yours

I may never know

Because you’ll leave me with my dick in my hand

With nothing left to show




This poisonous love of mine

That makes my body divine

And keeps me walking this line

Never knowing when I will be fine


Who knew this love was so true

Sorry i dug my claws into you

But you make me feel the way that you do

So I will wait until this life is through


You have a real life story

Which makes you choose to ignore me

Which makes me feel uneasy

And fills me with nightmarish fantasy


One day we will be together

Because my ship can withstand this weather

And i cannot break this tether

That has us bonded for forever

When I said it I meant it


It’s hard to believe you missed me

when you weren’t there

and you could of been

you are so unfair


i always think about you

it haunts me day to day

and you just walk in and out

i wish you would just stay


my life could be a whole lot different

we could be together

but you chose a different path

and i couldn’t hold the tether


i can’t believe i still want you

more than want it’s love

and you constantly dismiss me

always give me the shove


i am still here waiting

for you to see the truth

that i meant what i said

i have loved you since my youth

Time Madness


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

til i see those eyes

and that smile


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

until we go back to our world

Built on denial


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

Until i find out

If you can’t live without me


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

‘Til my fate is revealed again

To be or not to be


In Limbo

You’ve got me in a state of limbo

Waiting to find out if I fall or fly

Why I wait I do not know

For you are the reason I cry


I want to wait for forever

But I can not let you seal my fate

I want to believe any storm we could weather

But why do you make me wait!


With no one I can confide in

No one on which I can call

Living in this world of sin

Hiding behind your wall


Please come back for me

I can’t be me without you

Why can’t I make you see

That together we could rule



Your Time Has Come


I want rivers of  your blood to wash over me

watch the life force drain from your eyes

i’ll only be taking what’s owed you see

Burn down your world of lies

I’ll bring my wrath of hell fire

and cut you oh so very deep

and laugh as you expire

laugh as they all weep

for all the things you’ve done to me

i’ve now come for your soul

the things you’ve said have come at a cost

and i’ve come to collect your toll