I still check my mail

with hope everytime

how is it that you’re able

to get me off your mind

let me know your secret

so i can be rid of this decay

so i can lose this regret

And you won’t feel so far away

you still find ways to punish me

even across all these miles

I still feel your heart beat

And picture our shared smiles

How is it you don’t feel this

your heart must be hard as stone

I wish that we didn’t exist

In this lie we both call “home”

Self Haunting


Haunting reminders creep in

reopening  wounds that never healed

still living in this sin

with nothing left to yield

The silence is so daunting

I feel that I’ll go mad

The way my heart keeps wanting

What it never really had

I need to gain control of this

Can i rewire my brain

I have to get you out of me

Before i go insane



Farewell lost love

i say goodbye to thee

i have loved you far too long

my hearts been out to sea

Farewell lost love

please do not return

i fear it would be too much for me

my heart has finally eased it’s burn

Farewell lost love

you’ve hurt me for the last time

you’ve caused my heart to bleed

and filled my head with lies

Farewell lost love

I’ve got better places to be

Then with my head in the clouds

And my heart out to sea

Farewell lost love

I’ll find better things to do

Then let my heart be  broken

And my head filled with thoughts of you


Storm eternal


my thoughts have become cloudier

yet thoughts of you are still vivid

I hate that i still think of you

It makes me so damn livid

Why can’t i escape from this?

No matter how far you run?

your thunderstorm is overwith

but mine has just begun

I haven’t heard a thing from you

not a whisper or a thought

it seems you have forgot about me

I unfortunately have not

You make me feel so crazy

you’ve beaten up my insides

and no matter how far you run from this

we both know that you can’t hide