Anything You Want


I could be your own little whore

Be all you’ve ever longed for

I could be your personal victim

Best one you’ve ever sinked your teeth in

I could be your little school girl

Let you just rule all of my world

I could be your little tease

Be just about anything if you please

I could be your one and only

Make this place a little less lonely

I could always be there for you

I’ll do anything that you want me to

I could be your secret little freak

On any given day of the week

I could be your alibi

You know you want to don’t be shy

I can be your fantasy

Just let me take you away with me


Who Knows?

cheating death

You don’t even know me

And yet you say you do

I don’t even know me

so how is it i love you?

this life is so confusing

full of twists and turns

i’m so sick of losing

what could be left to learn?

I just want to know who i am

Find the path thats right for me

Wish I didn’t give a damn

I need to let me be




I am empty

devoid of feelings

wish i didn’t exist

tired of these dealings


I can not escape my heart

It works against me with each beating

Turning myself against me

Old wounds never healing


It has made me a sort of zombie

An outer shell of my former self

Why can’t I put all of you behind me

Place you back up on the shelf


I’ve built this life around me

Built with forced happiness and half truths

Please come back and find me

And help me pull out all these roots








Listlessly into the great unkown


All my energy for what is to come


In my own self doubt


For what i can touch but can not truly possess


Over angry harsh words spoken from those lips


This battle over this crazy little thing called life


In this eternal  circle of endless confusing emotion


For the real me if you find me please contact me