Point of View



so many frustrations

that sweep across the nation

thats my adaptation

Where is our education?

all these corporations

have taken our liberation

and put us on probation

without any explanation

it’s like the leaders of our nation

are in hibernation

and i want sindication

enough exploitation!




Apologetic confusion



I’m sorry I make you crazy

And that what you said is right

I don’t want this anymore

Yet why do I still fight


You are smarter than i thought you were

You’ve figured me all out

And i thought i was the smart one

Thought I knew what it’s about


And so now you’ve caught me

Red handed sad but true

And i hope that you’ll still have me

Although I don’t want you?





There’s something dark inside me

That tells you all these lies

Tells you what you need to hear

Hides in my disquise

It keeps all my secrets

And poisons through and through

We are becoming one i fear

And coming after you

And though you’ve been so good to me

I’m sorry it’s you it wants

It tears apart my insides

And feeds me as it haunts



I can’t make you love me

I don’t know what to do

I have broken promises

I have been untrue

I cannot escape myself

Want to peel off my own skin

Nowhere to run away from this

Committed a moral sin

I fell into another web

And fuck! it was a trap

Because I lost my one true love

What can be done about that?

My eyes feel so empty

so does my head and chest

Even though I’ve done my deeds

You’re the one that I loved best

I’ve built this life around you

And now It’s all falling down

I have no one to blame but myself

 I Want to be in the ground

Thank you for coming


Thank you for coming

I thought you would stay

But you’re like everyone else

You just run away

No one can take this life

It’s sometimes too much to bear

With so many pretenders

People who say they care

But were all alone out here

Sorry to tell you but it’s true

The worst decision i ever made

Was deciding to choose you

Thank you for coming

And making life more unfair

At least for a little while

I felt like someone was there

Bad Parenting


Fuck you I hate you for everything you did

You were supposed to be there I was just a kid

You set me on a bad path and left me on a skid

And I know you see it differently but it is what you did

You were supposed to protect me

Not poison and neglect me

Who do you think the suspect should be?

You still don’t care you live your life free

Why did you bring me here then

Just to leave me to defend

time and time again

well this will be your end

Easy Way?

14 - 1

I would like to kill me

But, it seems you’ve gotten here first

I would like to free myself

Escape this curse since birth

There is nothing left of me

Just this hollow shell

My head is full of the sea

And my heart has been through hell

Soon there’ll be none left of me

You all take and take and take

I try to make everyone happy

But i guess that’s my mistake

There has to be an end to this

One that involves less pain

If I can not escape you

I fear there’ll be nothing left to gain

decrepit discrepancies


rotting from the inside out

wrought with insecurity and fear

I don’t know what it’s all about

And I don’t think you really care

I don’t know where to go from here

What to even say to you

where to put the feelings i once held so dear

What am i to do?

I don’t want to walk away

though my head knows it’s what’s right

my insides still decay

an endless internal fight