Fuck You Fuck Waiting


Waiting for this day to end
Fuck this life who needs friends
Sorry if I fell out of trend

Fuck you and the things you do
The way you talk the people you screw
I should have stayed away from you

You are like a bad disease
Walking around doing as you please
Empty promises, you’re such a tease

Well I will have no more of this
You betrayed me again and now I’m pissed
So if only for now you’ve been dismissed

And one day you might realize
What was always behind these eyes
And by then I’ll no longer sympathize

So fuck you and the things you do
You’ll have to find someone else to screw
Just remember I’ll get mine to



Of course not!,why would you

Give me the time of day

I’ll just stand on the sidelines

And wait for you to come play

you have lots of other playmates

But i want to play with only you

And i stand back watching

While they all get to play to

When I said it I meant it


It’s hard to believe you missed me

when you weren’t there

and you could of been

you are so unfair


i always think about you

it haunts me day to day

and you just walk in and out

i wish you would just stay


my life could be a whole lot different

we could be together

but you chose a different path

and i couldn’t hold the tether


i can’t believe i still want you

more than want it’s love

and you constantly dismiss me

always give me the shove


i am still here waiting

for you to see the truth

that i meant what i said

i have loved you since my youth

Tidal Wave



How do I stop all these feelings

When all this time has passed

And I still feel the exact same way

As when I saw you last


How do I tell myself no

When you still cross my mind

And I can not escape you

No matter how far I run blind


How do I live like this

All twisted up inside

With no one left to talk to

And nowhere left to hide


How do you not feel this

When it’s so intense for me

How do I escape this endless circle

Of to be or not to be




Stop Thief!


You had already taken my heart

But now you have stolen my pride

I hate the way I can’t hate you

And I hide all this torment inside

I just want to be part of your life

Is that really too much to ask?

I don’t know which way is up from here

I’m so haunted by our past

I need a way to escape you

So I can really move on

I would never have forsaken you

Please don’t be gone for long