Too Many Somedays




someday rationalization will conquer all

someday my heart won’t forsake me

someday I shall learn not to fall


someday I’ll be there for me

someday I won’t need you at all

someday I’ll refuse your fee


someday might never come

someday I’ll know that to be true

someday I’ll have nothing to shrink from




I am empty

devoid of feelings

wish i didn’t exist

tired of these dealings


I can not escape my heart

It works against me with each beating

Turning myself against me

Old wounds never healing


It has made me a sort of zombie

An outer shell of my former self

Why can’t I put all of you behind me

Place you back up on the shelf


I’ve built this life around me

Built with forced happiness and half truths

Please come back and find me

And help me pull out all these roots






How dare you share the same blood as me

You don’t deserve the right

To even breathe the same air as me

Or look at me in spite


I want to take you down a notch

Teach you a thing or two

And least of all of things I may want

Is anything to do with you


You can rot in hell Fuck You!

You deserve to fry!

I can bear no more of this nonsense

And you just need to die


So before I offer your pennance

Do you have any last words

Because you my wretched sister

Are going to feed the birds



Tidal Wave



How do I stop all these feelings

When all this time has passed

And I still feel the exact same way

As when I saw you last


How do I tell myself no

When you still cross my mind

And I can not escape you

No matter how far I run blind


How do I live like this

All twisted up inside

With no one left to talk to

And nowhere left to hide


How do you not feel this

When it’s so intense for me

How do I escape this endless circle

Of to be or not to be




Go Ahead Then



Why do you hate me now?

I swear i’ve been nothing but good

I’ve done all the things you’ve asked of me

Done all the things i know i should


Why do you hate me now?

I’ve done you no wrong

I promise I’ve been right here

Trying to keep us strong


Why do you hate me now?

Why do i even care

Cause the harder i even try

you make it more unfair