Internal conflict


Why cant i fight this feeling
Building deep inside
Why do i keep these secrets
And always try to hide

I fear they may be right about me
I live a double life
I show one side to others
But darkness lies inside

I need to get away from me
I hate the way i am
And all the ones who love me
Participate in my sham

I dont know how to change this path
Seems i’ll always live in shadow
I have no one left to blame but me
I’ve surrendered in this battle

Lobotomy please?



You just go on with your life
While im bogged down with memories
You are the one holding the knife
As i remember everything you ever said to me

What goes on in that head of yours
Whats hidden behind those eyes
That makes it easy to walk away from me
As you fill up my head with lies

Whats a girl supposed to do
When you wont get out of her head
I hope to one day forget about you
Hopefully before i am dead