My type



She’s the type of girl

Who will give you a disease

Probably fuck your brother

And bring you to your knees


She’s the type of girl

you don’t take home to daddy

she’s just for one night

make you damp in your khakis


She’s the type of girl

Who really gets around

She really likes the drama

The meanest girl in town


She’s the type of girl

that lives inside of me

That is killing me from the inside

I wish she’d let me be

Lost soul



I wish I didn’t exist

I wish I never met any of you

But when i did i couldn’t resist


I am destined to feel alone

Even with everyone around

No matter where I call home


I have been ruined by my past

A cross i still bear to this day

I had no Idea how it would last


Haunted by your eyes

pressured by my own emotions

I don’t deserve this life







Should I move on?

It seems you have?

I guess you didn’t mean it?

I guess our time has passed


all i ever wanted was you

how do i move on

push aside these fantasies

and do my best to be strong


I wish that you would love me

but there’s other lives involved

i hate to say it’s not meant to be

but it seems your heart is flawed


My heart is so filled with hurt

i wanna lay down and die

you don’t deserve a tear from me

and i don’t want to cry


please i really need you

don’t leave me in the dark

i know you still love me

i still feel the spark


i know this is confusing

but it’s what’s inside my head

I can’t help it i’m bi polar for you

i feel so mislead


why do you play with me

i need you to let me go

so i can be me again

and shove the pain below

Fucking Cannibals




I feel eaten alive

people take and take

and barely leave you enough to survive

I need a shining knight


I need a silver lining

so i don’t end myself

I’m sick of taking care of everyone

and putting me on the back shelf


when will they all see me

see the pain im in

When will they all believe

All the stress they put me in




I don’t really feel

It’s not like i’m made of steel

I just don’t know what’s real


I just don’t know how to deal

with this world that’s so unreal

where everyone can lie and steal


I’m sick of being a meal

And rotating on this wheel

I don’t want to feel

Walk The Walk


You make me feel inadequate

With all your hateful words

I really want to fucking quit

And leave you to the birds

If I’m so horrible then walk away

I’m sick of being the villain

Then why do you fucking stay

Why?because I am one in a million

So fuck you then I’m over this

I can’t take you anymore

No more reason for you to resist

All the things you had before

But remember when i walk this walk

you will not have me back

This will all be over with

And you will fade to black

Changing Stars


I don’t know you really

but i’d give it all up for you

and i know that it’s  silly

but i’m a romantic fool

I think about you always

I cannot  escape it

even if i push it away

when i sleep i dream it

there has to be something there

or is it all just my fantasy?

we haven’t got much time to spare

let’s change our reality

we can do it you and i

as long as we have each other

you just take your hand in mine

let’s jump in together