I want to watch her blood run

Pour forth from her flesh

I’m about to become undone

You shouldn’t have loved her best

I need the streets to run red

To relinquish all of this heat

I wish all of you dead

I will stab you on repeat

I want to taste you pretty ones

The one’s without a┬ácare

Lock up all your daughters and sons

Or they will pay the fare

For I will have my vengeance

For what’s been done to me

Release all of my tensions

On my killing spree



Living in this pain

And it’s all been in vain

All this driving me insane

Has been washed right down the drain

I just need a little peace

So that I can get my release

And be rid of your disease

Hear my desperate pleas!

It was always you

And there was nothing I could do

I have loved so few

I wish my heart anew

I knew that you would ruin me

But you did it so relentlessly

I should have let you be

But you are my disease



It’s sad your not that pretty

Because you have what I want

I know there’s no competition

But I’ve got more to flaunt

I’m mad I’m even jealous

Who the fuck are you?

But it seems you have my everything

You’re the one with all the glue

You have what belongs to me

Though you can’t own a person

I’m the one who saw him first

Of this much I am certain


untitled girl

I want to be your baby doll

Come kiss away my tears

I want you as my everything

Please fight away my fears

I’m willing to be your secret one

That rocks you to your soul

We’ll take the world out one by one

So we can make us whole

I want to feel your insides

Know you through and through

I’ll be your little daddy’s girl

Anything you’d like me to

I want you to rough me up

In the best possible way

Someday we’ll be together

I just wish it was today



How come you don’t call me?

I know you can find the time

You fill up all my senses

Then you leave me behind

Why is it you don’t call?

Just pick up the line

You know I’m always here for you

No matter what the time

I can’t help I miss you

If I could shut it off I would

And though the world is against you

I like that you are no good

My Punishment


I want you to punish me

Choke me with your belt

I want to feel your teeth in me

I want to see the welts

I want your handprints on me

Oh please YES! be so rough

I want you to invade me

I can take it I am tough

I want to feel the blade

Drag all across my skin

I want your pain all over me

To be drenched within your sin

I want it and deserve it

I’m such a bad little baby

And I really need it

For all the evil I’ve done lately

Wicked Little Girl


Shameful little secrets

I try so hard to hide

They always come back to haunt me

And eat up my insides

I don’t know why I do this

All the evil things I do

I know that I really shouldn’t

Especially not to you

I just can’t seem to help myself

I’m compelled to be so wrong

I know I should restrain myself

Hang tight and be strong

It’s just something in me

That lurks and does it’s bidding

This hunger that dwells so deeply

Although it seems unfitting

Like Me


Oh Benjamin, How could you

Be so heartless to me

Leave me on your backburner,

Let me drift off into the sea

It’s killing what’s left inside

As anyone could tell

I’m so sick of this depression

This face I wear so well

I just want you to love me

Not push me to the side

I wish we could be together

That we no longer had to hide

I don’t see what you see in her

Anyone could tell it’s not meant to be

Because no matter how hard she tries

She’s never going to be me