untitled girl

I want to be your baby doll

Come kiss away my tears

I want you as my everything

Please fight away my fears

I’m willing to be your secret one

That rocks you to your soul

We’ll take the world out one by one

So we can make us whole

I want to feel your insides

Know you through and through

I’ll be your little daddy’s girl

Anything you’d like me to

I want you to rough me up

In the best possible way

Someday we’ll be together

I just wish it was today



How come you don’t call me?

I know you can find the time

You fill up all my senses

Then you leave me behind

Why is it you don’t call?

Just pick up the line

You know I’m always here for you

No matter what the time

I can’t help I miss you

If I could shut it off I would

And though the world is against you

I like that you are no good