You play me like I’m some game

As if I am the one that is to blame

And all it ends with for me is shame

Sadly though I’m still your dame

I still break my back in vain

knowing there will be only pain

you’re the only one who’ll gain

And I’ll be left in the cold wet rain

All it does is make me insane

Why can’t I get it through my brain

That you just don’t feel the same

And I will never have you tame

Midnight hours


i thought i had everything i ever wanted

yet here i am alone

at the time most couples need each other

 still smelling your cologne

I long for conversation

for arms around me

someone who is present

but you are sound asleep

My nights are just so lonely

they remind me of you

my life just feels so empty

but what’s a girl to do?

Time Madness


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

til i see those eyes

and that smile


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

until we go back to our world

Built on denial


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

Until i find out

If you can’t live without me


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

‘Til my fate is revealed again

To be or not to be