Fuck You Debbie


Some mother you are

Filling me with scars

Your arguments bizarre

You don’t even care

Proof? You were never there

You’ve made my life unfair

I never got a chance

To do the whole life dance

You just take your stance

What kind of mother are you?

All the shit you put me through

I’ll prove you the fool

Let Me Out!


Remove these fucking chains

They’re making me insane

Putting demons in my brain

Take off these god damn shackles

That have always been my hassle

Since before i built this “castle”

Release me from my cell

So I can leave this hell

That I’ve come to know so well

Let me out of your cage

So I can release my rage

My world is not a stage

I deserve my freedom

So I can rule my kingdom

And I won’t feel so numb

No Daddy


Oh no! Please don’t daddy

I’ll be your good little girl

I won’t give you a reason to hurt me

Or to let your hatred unfurl

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

What is it you want me to do?

I would do just about anything

To make it all up to you

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

She cries out in despair

As he just raises his hand up

And pulls out another chunk of her hair

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

She pleads and she cries

“You deserve this.” he says

But we all know how he lies

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

I’ve been so good to you

“If you don’t shut that fucking mouth” he says

“There are worse things I will do”

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

I’m your little lady

Remember how you’d hold me?

When i was just a baby

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

Her cries fall on deaf ears

Because daddy’s word is law

Until the end she fears

The Key


All you do is stress me out

And you make me want to scream and shout

This is not what life’s about!


I spend so much of my time alone

And still you people cast your stones

And fill my belly up with hateful groans


Why can’t you just let me be

So i can just drift out to sea

Solitude is the one true key


I wish it to be untrue

but regretfully,i hate even you

It’s not your fault nothing you can do


This world has made me so cold

And not care about growing old

And this hate has got such a hold


It’s made me honest to a fault

And take it all with a grain of salt

I really should just be shot


Seems like it would be so easy

Just take the shot and release me

Solitude, the one true key




This poisonous love of mine

That makes my body divine

And keeps me walking this line

Never knowing when I will be fine


Who knew this love was so true

Sorry i dug my claws into you

But you make me feel the way that you do

So I will wait until this life is through


You have a real life story

Which makes you choose to ignore me

Which makes me feel uneasy

And fills me with nightmarish fantasy


One day we will be together

Because my ship can withstand this weather

And i cannot break this tether

That has us bonded for forever




There is this girl you see

That’s invisible as can be

Her mind floats from sea to sea

A poetic raven haired beauty


But she doesn’t know her worth

Or why she’s here on this earth

Or why her life is cursed

and been that way since her birth


This girl just needs a hero

to bring her back from zero

someone with someplace to go

Anyone to just  love her so


She’s got so much left to fear

Yet no one to cling to that’s near

And what she’s left grasping is sheer

I wish i could save her from there

solitary confinement



I hate the way i live these days

walking around in this self induced haze

no place in which to hide my secrets

and my lifetime full of regrets


even my journal deceives me

and words always just came so easy

when everyone just seemed to stray

i could put pen and paper in play


but now this is my only refuse

and i have become this recluse

it’s not that i chose it this way

it’s just that no one will stay


Thanks Again Lover



oh it’s like that i see

go on and dismiss me

but i see the error in your ways

and the way you shift your gaze


i hate that i feel this

fuck all this realness

betrayed by my self again

loneliness my only friend


It’s killing me inside

that i have no one in which to confide

but i have all this shit to hide

until the day that i die


i am sorry i reached out

even though i was full of doubt

but my doubts were proven true

from that night i spent with you


i should have seen it in that instant

the way you were so distant

it hurts so much inside

that i was just somewhere to hide