Storm eternal


my thoughts have become cloudier

yet thoughts of you are still vivid

I hate that i still think of you

It makes me so damn livid

Why can’t i escape from this?

No matter how far you run?

your thunderstorm is overwith

but mine has just begun

I haven’t heard a thing from you

not a whisper or a thought

it seems you have forgot about me

I unfortunately have not

You make me feel so crazy

you’ve beaten up my insides

and no matter how far you run from this

we both know that you can’t hide

Like Me


Oh Benjamin, How could you

Be so heartless to me

Leave me on your backburner,

Let me drift off into the sea

It’s killing what’s left inside

As anyone could tell

I’m so sick of this depression

This face I wear so well

I just want you to love me

Not push me to the side

I wish we could be together

That we no longer had to hide

I don’t see what you see in her

Anyone could tell it’s not meant to be

Because no matter how hard she tries

She’s never going to be me




This poisonous love of mine

That makes my body divine

And keeps me walking this line

Never knowing when I will be fine


Who knew this love was so true

Sorry i dug my claws into you

But you make me feel the way that you do

So I will wait until this life is through


You have a real life story

Which makes you choose to ignore me

Which makes me feel uneasy

And fills me with nightmarish fantasy


One day we will be together

Because my ship can withstand this weather

And i cannot break this tether

That has us bonded for forever