What is it in me

That’s so afraid to change?

I know I need to move on.

Why can’t i rearrange?

What is it inside

That keeps holding me back

I fight so hard to make up for

All of the things that I lack

What was once apart of me

Now feels dead and hollow

Embarrassed for the whole world to see

That I always follow

I’m lost among a sea of people

And yet still I try to hide

It’s as if I feel they’d break me

If they got a glimpse of what’s inside

I grow tired of my complacency

I want to drift away

But I’m always tethered here

Much to my dismay



You don’t really want my view

So I’ll keep it for myself

because my opinion is twisted

I’ll place it on my mental shelf

I’ll think about it later

Twirl it in my mind

wonder why I’m so different

why i try to hide

A part of me is lonely

The other part doesn’t care

I try to numb myself

To the fact my life’s not fair

There are people with real problems

Yet I trivialize small things

I just can’t seem to escape myself

To exist beyond just being

My Ink


If someday you find this

And i hope that you do

I just want to let you know

It was all because of you

Because without this sadness

I’d have no inspiration

Because we had the kind of love

That could move a nation

All the pain you put me through

Was worth it all the while

Everything you did I’d use

To walk this poet’s mile

And every time my hearts reopened

I’ll have a tale to tell

Because you cause my bleeding

You’re the ink my endless well

Even though I love you


Brutal invasions of my thoughts

Why must you test me so

I thought this was a joint decision

Why can’t you let me go

I know that there is love there

But we’ve chosen different paths

I still believe we belong together

And that your my other half

What am I gonna do with you

When you’ll always choose her over me

Even though i love you

This is how it has to be



If I could fly

I’d fly into the sky

Build a home up high

post a not welcome sign

Oh! If I could fly

I’d look the whole world over

Visit the seven wonders

Cross all of the worlds borders

If only I could fly

I’d fly right down to you

Take you flying with me

Then you’d love me to

But i cannot fly

I’m stuck here on the ground

With no one to fly with anyway

And only my head in the clouds

No one but you


Please come back to me

We’d barely just begun

The best is already over

And the worst is yet to come

You let me lie here bleeding tears

searching for my wrongdoings

whilst you walked away from me

as if you had no feelings

And while my heart still bleeds for you

I try to grow  fond for  another

I don’t know what else i could do

Because for me, there is no other

Do me a favor


Somebody kill me please!

Just do me the honor

I’m down on my knees

I need to be rid of this disease

Put an end to this life

There’s nothing left for me

Nothing you say can ease

I’ve seen it all before

This is how it has got to be

I need my blood to  bleed

The sin is all around me

Can’t you hear my plea

You look right through me

Suffering pours through my eyes

 Yet you still can’t see

Oh just set my soul free

It’s my only ticket out

Read my eyes oh please

Nothing left but the dead


There’s something in the air here

That makes this place seem eerie

I can feel the static in my hair

Feel as if the dead are near me

The time has come i fear

For the dead to have their reckoning

And as they draw more near

I can hear my  death is beckoning

I  have what they’re looking for

For I  breathe the breath of life

They resent my heartbeat more and more

Cut into me with no knife in sight

They’re going to creep inside this town

and fill up every hollow

their is no backing down

It’s more than I can swallow

Fill up my streets with they’re wails of sadness

Then they come for their revenge

They’re filled up with their madness

So for me this  story ends