You’re Dead



I am going to kill her

stab her in the face

make her disappear

a disgrace to the human race


I am going to kill her

although i know i shouldn’t

but if she did these things to you

don’t tell me that you wouldn’t


I am going to kill her

slice her ear to ear

make her my little plaything

make her scream in fear


I am going to kill her

and bury her in the ground

somewhere deep and hidden

where the body will never be found


I am going to kill her

and when the deed is done

I can then rest easy

because now the war is won

so numb

so numb

to the things you do

so numb

to the women you screw


so numb

when did this happen to me

so numb

i just wanted to be free


so numb

to the pain that you inflict

so numb

my feelings had to evict


so numb

I hate that i can’t hate you

so numb

why can’t i escape you?




Stop Thief!


You had already taken my heart

But now you have stolen my pride

I hate the way I can’t hate you

And I hide all this torment inside

I just want to be part of your life

Is that really too much to ask?

I don’t know which way is up from here

I’m so haunted by our past

I need a way to escape you

So I can really move on

I would never have forsaken you

Please don’t be gone for long

Just Sad



Sad little girl

In my sad little world

sad little existence

such little resistance


Why do i go on

Why can’t I be strong

Just want to move along

Don’t want to re-sing this song


Just want this all to end

on who can i depend

my heart is over spent

never to relent


Time Madness


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

til i see those eyes

and that smile


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

until we go back to our world

Built on denial


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

Until i find out

If you can’t live without me


Tick Tock

counts down the clock

‘Til my fate is revealed again

To be or not to be


Right Here

Unspoken feelings
Here we are again
When did it begin?
When will it end

I thought it was over
You dealt another hand
Struggling to stay sober
trying to understand

Why is mine own heart against me
Why cant I make the right choice
All this internal controversy
I thought I had found my voice

Ill always let you ruin me
But you and only you
And ill always stand here waiting
For the day you follow through