Dear John 

Don’t want to end you

But what can I do

I need to get a life 

Not go this round with you
Were both unhappy 

And life isn’t fair

Thought we were forever

But you just didn’t care 
Can’t place all the blame on you

I’ll take my share of the burden 

I can admit I’m wrong 

If I could ever get a word in 
I wanted to make you better

But you will never change 

And so for are family 

I’ll have to rearrange 
Because our kids aren’t happy 

And neither are we

So I’ll whittle us down

From 4 down to 3

Wet Dream


 my eyes are closed

my heart is racing

i am yours

for the taking


touch me tease me please me oh

don’t ever stop

just take it slow

and never ever let me go


sweating drooling full of lust

almost there now

about to bust

i just want to feel your thrust


waking up with blissful sighs

and the wetness between my thighs

then  i see the truth

behind my brains disguise