So many some days 

I’m so drunk with remembrance

And melancholy with hope 

My feet so tired from this dance 

It’s time to noose the rope 
I am ready to walk this walk

And drift you out to sea

You can’t even talk the talk

And you just can’t let me be 
I don’t know who “me” is anymore 

I’m lost all along the way 

And I’m fearful of what’s in store 

And the price I’ll have to pay
And if you all remember me 

Remember me today

With grievances in my eyes 

And a heart full of someday 

The dancing demon

Got to get you the fuck out of my head

You’re the demon I never should have fed

All I really wanted is you in my bed

And I’m left drowning in a sea of tears instead
We could have lived a life of total debauchery

If you hadn’t made me such a mockery

And made me go all stalkery 

What the fuck is wrong with me? 
Can anyone tell me the answer ?

When it comes to the truth he’s such a good dancer

Inside I’m such a disaster

And in the matter of my heart he is my master
I wish I could get him out of me

And that there was a cure for this heart disease

And that I could lay my mind at ease

But with tears in my eyes I’m still begging please
And as low as it makes me feel to plead

I’m still down on my hands and knees

Anything you want is free

If you just take this ride with me

Thank you for coming


Thank you for coming

I thought you would stay

But you’re like everyone else

You just run away

No one can take this life

It’s sometimes too much to bear

With so many pretenders

People who say they care

But were all alone out here

Sorry to tell you but it’s true

The worst decision i ever made

Was deciding to choose you

Thank you for coming

And making life more unfair

At least for a little while

I felt like someone was there

Just Sad



Sad little girl

In my sad little world

sad little existence

such little resistance


Why do i go on

Why can’t I be strong

Just want to move along

Don’t want to re-sing this song


Just want this all to end

on who can i depend

my heart is over spent

never to relent


Should Have Known


I should have known better

I knew you were going to hurt me from the moment I laid my eyes on you

And now I have to walk with

All the times You’ve stepped on me and hurt me with the things you do


I should have known better

I should have just shut the door and turned around and walked away

I couldn’t make you love me

I couldn’t form the right combination of words to make you stay


I should have known better

Especially since I’ve seen the way you can just disregard other people

I could have been the one

Instead I want to end it all right now, give in and use this needle


I should have known better

I’d been hurt before you and I fell to hard to fast

Why can’t I let go of you?

How long will your torment last?