Crimson eyes


She had away of defying authority

That made her seem like a bitch

To most of the majority

She had this icy stare

That built the wall

Too prove she didn’t care

she had this way she bit her lips

That caused my  blood to rise

with each sway of those hips

I die a little inside

she can’t see what her worth is

and the world doesn’t seem to care

to her the world seems hopeless

and life seems so unfair

But i see what she tries to hide

The demons that all reside

Behind those crimson eyes


decrepit discrepancies


rotting from the inside out

wrought with insecurity and fear

I don’t know what it’s all about

And I don’t think you really care

I don’t know where to go from here

What to even say to you

where to put the feelings i once held so dear

What am i to do?

I don’t want to walk away

though my head knows it’s what’s right

my insides still decay

an endless internal fight