16 Years


One day I’ll escape you

And I’ll run far and fast

And though it may be years from now

I’ll be free at last

Free to go which way to choose

All for myself this time

Free to play win or lose

But the choice will be all mine

Someday I hope you’ll be okay

But I need to worry about me to

Which seems to go by the wayside

When We’re always worried about you




Watch the way you fucking talk to her

For she’s not yours she’s mine

And you don’t know what she has gone through

You don’t know that she’s divine

She deserves the best of everything

So you better treat her with care

Because behind those eyes lies sadness

And two lifetimes worth of despair


Feeble Attempts


I hate that I can’t hate you

I try really hard I do

I try to pass the time with other things

and my thoughts find their way back to you

I wish that this was different

That there wasn’t such longing left behind

I wish that you could share my feelings

I wish you weren’t so blind

I know that you don’t hate me

Though you like to pretend you do

You like to act like I don’t exist

But I know you must think of me to

I can’t believe it’s really over

After all this fucking time

I’m filled with all these regrets

I can never make you mine


Hate My Love


I hate that I still love you

I should have better things to do

Then sit here and think about us

And write all these poems about you

I hate that your not worth these tears

That fall softly on my keyboard

I wish I had never met you

I wish I didn’t need you more

All I have left is longing

And this hollowness inside

And this wish to somehow find you

For these binds to be untied

Fuck you for making me feel this

I gave you all the love I had

And you turned your back and walked away

And left me behind to go raving mad





Something dwells inside me

lingering ,waiting

eating whats left of me

from the inside out


It will never go away

Because I feed it a feast

We all do

Feed it incessantly


Yet still it hungers for more

more blood, more pain

more endless hours

floating away