If life was made of wishes 

I’d wish for so many things

Not the things you’d think of

I don’t need diamond rings
I just need stability

A place to lay my head

I would go anywhere with you 

Who really needs a bed?
If life were made of wishes

I would wish for you 

Even after the way you treated me 

I wish this wasn’t true 
I feel as though you’re meant for me

But you just keep escaping 

You know how to work your manipulation 

And I’m yours for the taking
If life were made of wishes 

It would be just you and I 

But my life is not made of wishes 

And you weren’t meant to fly 



I want to be the wind so I can just blow away

I want to become a bird to eliminate my need to stay

I want to be the ocean and flow with the rolling waves

I want to be someone else not this girl who just behaves

I want to be free of this path I’ve chosen for myself

I want to unpack all those dreams I’ve had placed upon my shelf

I want people to see me not stay caught up in this dream

I want to do break away from this, rip apart this seam