I’m asking



please leave me alone

i don’t really care

how great your life is

because mine is unfair


please leave me alone

i just want to die

nothing to live for

and i do nothing but cry


please leave me alone

i don’t want to see you

i can’t trust you people

you all are deceitful


please leave me alone

i just need a break

before i lose my cool

and make another mistake


please leave me alone

can’t you see i’ve had enough

i was already broken

even though i act tough


please leave me alone

i don’t feel like you do

we’re not the same

your intentions untrue


please leave me alone

this has come to an end

i no longer trust you

you’re no longer my friend


Easy Way?

14 - 1

I would like to kill me

But, it seems you’ve gotten here first

I would like to free myself

Escape this curse since birth

There is nothing left of me

Just this hollow shell

My head is full of the sea

And my heart has been through hell

Soon there’ll be none left of me

You all take and take and take

I try to make everyone happy

But i guess that’s my mistake

There has to be an end to this

One that involves less pain

If I can not escape you

I fear there’ll be nothing left to gain