Between the two


I need to choose between the two

but between them i don’t have a clue

they both have there pros and cons

And make me feel like i don’t belong

either which way i choose to choose

in the end I’ll probably lose

I love them both this much is true

Oh what is it that I’m going to do

all this i thought was behind me

but he just won’t let me be

and i love him with all my heart

but we’re a million miles apart

And then i have what I’ve always known

makes me feel like I’m at home

But he is a little unfair

and treats me as if I’m not there

I just miss that hot passion

And doing the things we’ve only imagined

So i don’t know what I’m going to do

Maybe I won’t choose either of you


The Hourglass


The sands drift through the hourglass

I watch my life fly by

So much of my time has passed

And in here I still hide

I watch the wind blow through the trees

And I try to give my life a reason

I never just did as I pleased

And this I fear is my last season

My Trap


Come here my little wicked one

I like your wicked ways

And if you just come closer now

I’ll keep you my slave for days


I’ll mix your pain with pleasure

Turn you to the darkside

I will be your favorite inflicter

Just sit back enjoy the ride


And if things go a little too far

I’ll tell you what you can do

Oh wait never mind i had almost forgotten

That basically you…. are screwed