God complex


I’ve wondered what it would be like to kill someone

To drive a sharp  knife through the flesh of another person

to watch as i skillfully slice them open

to see the bounty of my perversion

To taste the salty sweet life nectar

To feel the hot stickiness flow down my chin

my victim all alone with no protector

oh let the sweet sin begin

oh how they would bleed for me

As i watch the life light leave their eyes

While they scream for me to let them be

as I bring them to their demise



Farewell lost love

i say goodbye to thee

i have loved you far too long

my hearts been out to sea

Farewell lost love

please do not return

i fear it would be too much for me

my heart has finally eased it’s burn

Farewell lost love

you’ve hurt me for the last time

you’ve caused my heart to bleed

and filled my head with lies

Farewell lost love

I’ve got better places to be

Then with my head in the clouds

And my heart out to sea

Farewell lost love

I’ll find better things to do

Then let my heart be  broken

And my head filled with thoughts of you