Mental Purgatory


Stuck in this purgatory
With no one to share my story
I wish he would come back from sea
I really just want him out of me

Still cant get him out of my head
Makes me feel im better off dead
All of these feelings constantly fed
Makes waking up fill me with dread

I swear that i seduce myself
Cant bring myself down so high on this shelf
You came crashing through no hint of stealth
And cost me my emotional wealth

I need you to come back to me
So together we both can be free
And together we’ll take on the sea
And escape from our purgatory



Why do I fall for men?

Let them cut me down to size

Take all of the best of me

But he will be my demise

I was an easy target

And he was so ready for the kill

Made me weak in the knees

And told me lies with skill

Why must he eat at me

Invade me in my silence

Takes all the taste out of my mouth

Infects me with his virus