What is it that im doing here?
I know this is a place to fear
But im not thinking very clear
I feel the end is creeping near

What is it i can do
To make you feel the truth
And know that we’re not through
How do i get to you

I want to pierce those piercing eyes
And crush your head between my thighs

Leave this world with no goodbyes

Here’s the payback for all your lies 



I can’t make you love me

I don’t know what to do

I have broken promises

I have been untrue

I cannot escape myself

Want to peel off my own skin

Nowhere to run away from this

Committed a moral sin

I fell into another web

And fuck! it was a trap

Because I lost my one true love

What can be done about that?

My eyes feel so empty

so does my head and chest

Even though I’ve done my deeds

You’re the one that I loved best

I’ve built this life around you

And now It’s all falling down

I have no one to blame but myself

 I Want to be in the ground