Just a bit


Why won’t you let me keep you

You are my special friend

I’ll always be there for you

Behind you until the end

I just want you to be mine

Possess you in my skin

Revel in the taste of you

ingest your taste of sin

Please just let me have you

You know you want it to

Let me sink my teeth in

I’m craving for round two

Maybe just a bit of you

That belongs to only me

A piece I’ll keep inside

So only I can see

Maybe just an eyeball

or better yet your lips

I have a special place for them

Just put them in  my grips


Help! I’m alive


Help! my heart is beating

It’s too much pain to bear

I lie here in my suffering

And you just don’t care

I’ve waited for forever

To come up with nothing to show

You just fuck whomever

whilst my suffering is slow

Like a knife you cut me

But I’ve nothing left to bleed

I don’t need your sympathy

Your dicks too filled with greed

One day I will escape you

I hope that is the truth

I’ll find better things to do

I’ve been stuck here since my youth



Make sure you lock your doors tonight

Or he will come in with more than a fright

He creeps in while your in your bed

While visions of sugar plums dance in your head

He will creep across the floor

And build the tension more and more

He’s hungry and it’s feeding time

He’s in there now on your bed he’ll climb

He wants to tear you limb from limb

and eat your soul so full of sin

He watches all the things you do

You better beware he’s coming for you

With horrible teeth that like to chew

The horror he will put you through

no time to run no time to hide

The evil one has come inside

Please Just Take It


oh please free me of my sins

no more regrets repentance begins

I willingly give to you my soul

because inevitably i will never be whole

I want to escape myself

I’m not good for my own health

why am i the chosen one

Please oh please just be done

I can not run far enough away

I can still hear your voice begging me to stay

I fear you’ll always be the one i love

An affliction i fear I’ll never be free of



Won’t you come and save me?

What obstacle is in your path?

Will you not obey me?

Or will you endure my wrath?


I know you think i don’t need saving but I do

I may seem strong like a fortress

But my weakness in life is you

Don’t plunge me back into darkness


For I will come out creeping

I feel it in my soul

That I will do the reaping

I will not stop until I feel Whole


I will destroy you from the inside

Make you feel like I do

There’s nowhere you can hide

Tis vengeance I pursue


murderous heart

murderous heart

I dream of puddles of blood around me
mine and yours
i want to feel you close to me
but you keep closing the doors

I dream of your lips against my skin
of a life we can build together
Please just let me in
don’t give up altogether

I dream of a place where we can be alone
and no one in the world can disturb us
a place where i can cast the stone
and we can give in to this unrequited lust

But mostly i dream of you
and those haunting eyes
and what those hands will do
and a place of never goodbye