Endless torture


The nights they are the longest
Because my mind is full of you
So much time has passed
You’ve proved I am a fool

Your kisses they still linger
I feel your fingers drag my skin
My heart still beats for you
I revel in the sin

And though It knows it shouldn’t
My mind still drifts to you
And even though we couldn’t
Our time is never through

Even though you’ve forsaken me

I still feel like we’re meant to be

Rid me of this disease

I just want you please

I endure through these long nights

And try to corral thoughts of all types

Someone please turn out the lights

I feel I’ve nothing left to fight

Anything You Want


I could be your own little whore

Be all you’ve ever longed for

I could be your personal victim

Best one you’ve ever sinked your teeth in

I could be your little school girl

Let you just rule all of my world

I could be your little tease

Be just about anything if you please

I could be your one and only

Make this place a little less lonely

I could always be there for you

I’ll do anything that you want me to

I could be your secret little freak

On any given day of the week

I could be your alibi

You know you want to don’t be shy

I can be your fantasy

Just let me take you away with me