I always act like the victim
Because I am the fucking victim
A victim of hatred
A victim of sin
When does the real sinning begin?
I hate myself
Especially my reflection
That causes your erection
That’s all I am
An erection

A constant imperfection

That shows no indiscretion 

Constantly losing my direction 

And tired of rejection 

And being up for subjection 

And suffering an infinite dissection

Then comes my objection 

Like a punch to my midsection 

I’m in need of some affection

And a little more protection

And in my future projections

I will find the right connection

Midnight hours


i thought i had everything i ever wanted

yet here i am alone

at the time most couples need each other

 still smelling your cologne

I long for conversation

for arms around me

someone who is present

but you are sound asleep

My nights are just so lonely

they remind me of you

my life just feels so empty

but what’s a girl to do?