We have to talk

I miss him in the quiet

I hate it but I do

I’ve made some mistakes before

But I really fucked up with you

It hurts to see you move on

Knowing that I’m to blame

I’m glad you’re in a better place

I’m still filled with shame

What is happiness anyways?

And why does it mean so much?

I’ve torn apart a family

I’ve lost my only crutch

I’m sorry that I hurt you

In the process I hurt me to

And there’s no turning back now

No matter what I do


I didn’t think you’d come back this time 

I thought I made it clear 

Without you I’m not fine 

But you’ll always dissappear 
I don’t know what I see in you 

I deserve so much better

And if you’d only stay away 

I could release this vision of together
But you’re just here to fuck with me

To make sure I lose my mind 

Leave me with all these maybes 

So I know I’ll never be “fine”
I can’t get away from you 

No matter how fast and far I run

Nothing I wouldn’t do for you

The bullet to your gun 


Feeble Attempts


I hate that I can’t hate you

I try really hard I do

I try to pass the time with other things

and my thoughts find their way back to you

I wish that this was different

That there wasn’t such longing left behind

I wish that you could share my feelings

I wish you weren’t so blind

I know that you don’t hate me

Though you like to pretend you do

You like to act like I don’t exist

But I know you must think of me to

I can’t believe it’s really over

After all this fucking time

I’m filled with all these regrets

I can never make you mine