What is it that im doing here?
I know this is a place to fear
But im not thinking very clear
I feel the end is creeping near

What is it i can do
To make you feel the truth
And know that we’re not through
How do i get to you

I want to pierce those piercing eyes
And crush your head between my thighs

Leave this world with no goodbyes

Here’s the payback for all your lies 

Temporary Insanity


I believe in murder

Just try me and you’ll see

I don’t want to fuck around

I will just make you bleed

I want to bathe in your blood

I know I’m sick it’s true

Rub in your sticky sweetness

Drain you all the way through

I want to slit you open

watch the life drain from those eyes

Feed my internal demons

Bring about your demise