We have to talk

I miss him in the quiet

I hate it but I do

I’ve made some mistakes before

But I really fucked up with you

It hurts to see you move on

Knowing that I’m to blame

I’m glad you’re in a better place

I’m still filled with shame

What is happiness anyways?

And why does it mean so much?

I’ve torn apart a family

I’ve lost my only crutch

I’m sorry that I hurt you

In the process I hurt me to

And there’s no turning back now

No matter what I do



There’s something dark inside me

That tells you all these lies

Tells you what you need to hear

Hides in my disquise

It keeps all my secrets

And poisons through and through

We are becoming one i fear

And coming after you

And though you’ve been so good to me

I’m sorry it’s you it wants

It tears apart my insides

And feeds me as it haunts