His secret 

I want to be your secret 

But a terrific one to tell

But if you’d just let me out sometimes

I know I’d fair you well
I do like our special secret 

But I just want to breathe

Fill up this little hole inside 

And feel the wind shake my leaves 
I love our little secret

But don’t you miss the world? 

We could still be alone our own way

I’ll always be you’re girl 
And I can keep a secret 

So please just set me free 

And when I have my freedom 

I promise you will see 


I didn’t think you’d come back this time 

I thought I made it clear 

Without you I’m not fine 

But you’ll always dissappear 
I don’t know what I see in you 

I deserve so much better

And if you’d only stay away 

I could release this vision of together
But you’re just here to fuck with me

To make sure I lose my mind 

Leave me with all these maybes 

So I know I’ll never be “fine”
I can’t get away from you 

No matter how fast and far I run

Nothing I wouldn’t do for you

The bullet to your gun 

Serial Acts of Violence


I am going to punch you

Smash you in your fucking face

Don’t act like you don’t deserve it

You are a disgrace to this race

I am going to devour you

Roast you in my stew

You can choose your seasonings

It’s the least that you could do

I am going to slice you

And enjoy it as I do

They won’t remember what you looked like

When I get through with you

I am going to peel you

One layer at a time

And as you scream out in agony

I’ll revel, How divine!

And when there is nothing left

I’ll leave you there to bleed

You’ve done this to yourself you see

With your hatefulness and greed