Internal conflict


Why cant i fight this feeling
Building deep inside
Why do i keep these secrets
And always try to hide

I fear they may be right about me
I live a double life
I show one side to others
But darkness lies inside

I need to get away from me
I hate the way i am
And all the ones who love me
Participate in my sham

I dont know how to change this path
Seems i’ll always live in shadow
I have no one left to blame but me
I’ve surrendered in this battle



You play me like I’m some game

As if I am the one that is to blame

And all it ends with for me is shame

Sadly though I’m still your dame

I still break my back in vain

knowing there will be only pain

you’re the only one who’ll gain

And I’ll be left in the cold wet rain

All it does is make me insane

Why can’t I get it through my brain

That you just don’t feel the same

And I will never have you tame

No Daddy


Oh no! Please don’t daddy

I’ll be your good little girl

I won’t give you a reason to hurt me

Or to let your hatred unfurl

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

What is it you want me to do?

I would do just about anything

To make it all up to you

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

She cries out in despair

As he just raises his hand up

And pulls out another chunk of her hair

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

She pleads and she cries

“You deserve this.” he says

But we all know how he lies

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

I’ve been so good to you

“If you don’t shut that fucking mouth” he says

“There are worse things I will do”

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

I’m your little lady

Remember how you’d hold me?

When i was just a baby

Oh no! Please don’t daddy

Her cries fall on deaf ears

Because daddy’s word is law

Until the end she fears

Last Call

one last poem before i die before i kiss the world goodbye and go to the lake of fire to fry and though you'll miss me i will sigh it is not anything that you do that makes me want to bid this world adieu and i know this is a day that you will rue it had everything and nothing to do with you i did not give you one last kiss before i slipped into my state of bliss and floated into the great abyss but know it's always you i'll miss