Black picket fences

I want to be your Gothic barbie 

And you my hedonistic Ken

And when we find our dream house

We can live our lives in sin
We can live in our dark paradise

Surrounded by fountains of blood

And we can fuck forever 

Like all dark lovers should
And if the light turns bright again

I shall be your dimmer 

And we shall find a place our way

Love, your sexy little sinner



You play me like I’m some game

As if I am the one that is to blame

And all it ends with for me is shame

Sadly though I’m still your dame

I still break my back in vain

knowing there will be only pain

you’re the only one who’ll gain

And I’ll be left in the cold wet rain

All it does is make me insane

Why can’t I get it through my brain

That you just don’t feel the same

And I will never have you tame

Enticing offers


Follow me down devil’s path

I know a tale or two

And if it’s your lucky day

He might make a deal with you

Just your soul is all it will take

A small price to pay if your askin’

And the devil will grant your wish

At your utmost satisfaction

So think of your wish before we arrive

He’s a busy man don’t you know

And if you could just pick up your pace

We might get there in time for the show