Mental Purgatory


Stuck in this purgatory
With no one to share my story
I wish he would come back from sea
I really just want him out of me

Still cant get him out of my head
Makes me feel im better off dead
All of these feelings constantly fed
Makes waking up fill me with dread

I swear that i seduce myself
Cant bring myself down so high on this shelf
You came crashing through no hint of stealth
And cost me my emotional wealth

I need you to come back to me
So together we both can be free
And together we’ll take on the sea
And escape from our purgatory



What is it in me

That’s so afraid to change?

I know I need to move on.

Why can’t i rearrange?

What is it inside

That keeps holding me back

I fight so hard to make up for

All of the things that I lack

What was once apart of me

Now feels dead and hollow

Embarrassed for the whole world to see

That I always follow

I’m lost among a sea of people

And yet still I try to hide

It’s as if I feel they’d break me

If they got a glimpse of what’s inside

I grow tired of my complacency

I want to drift away

But I’m always tethered here

Much to my dismay