What is it that im doing here?
I know this is a place to fear
But im not thinking very clear
I feel the end is creeping near

What is it i can do
To make you feel the truth
And know that we’re not through
How do i get to you

I want to pierce those piercing eyes
And crush your head between my thighs

Leave this world with no goodbyes

Here’s the payback for all your lies 


His secret 

I want to be your secret 

But a terrific one to tell

But if you’d just let me out sometimes

I know I’d fair you well
I do like our special secret 

But I just want to breathe

Fill up this little hole inside 

And feel the wind shake my leaves 
I love our little secret

But don’t you miss the world? 

We could still be alone our own way

I’ll always be you’re girl 
And I can keep a secret 

So please just set me free 

And when I have my freedom 

I promise you will see 




They all just want to use me

And leave me here alone

Leave me here bleeding

While they just go on home


What do they have that i don’t

why must i live in solace

Why can’t you be with me

Why can’t you keep your promise


I am so alone

I have been since day 1

And on the day i met you

I thought my life had begun


But you just came to leave me

My life is so unfair

With no one here to love me

And without a soul that cares