What is it that im doing here?
I know this is a place to fear
But im not thinking very clear
I feel the end is creeping near

What is it i can do
To make you feel the truth
And know that we’re not through
How do i get to you

I want to pierce those piercing eyes
And crush your head between my thighs

Leave this world with no goodbyes

Here’s the payback for all your lies 

Black picket fences

I want to be your Gothic barbie 

And you my hedonistic Ken

And when we find our dream house

We can live our lives in sin
We can live in our dark paradise

Surrounded by fountains of blood

And we can fuck forever 

Like all dark lovers should
And if the light turns bright again

I shall be your dimmer 

And we shall find a place our way

Love, your sexy little sinner

Walk The Walk


You make me feel inadequate

With all your hateful words

I really want to fucking quit

And leave you to the birds

If I’m so horrible then walk away

I’m sick of being the villain

Then why do you fucking stay

Why?because I am one in a million

So fuck you then I’m over this

I can’t take you anymore

No more reason for you to resist

All the things you had before

But remember when i walk this walk

you will not have me back

This will all be over with

And you will fade to black