We have to talk

I miss him in the quiet

I hate it but I do

I’ve made some mistakes before

But I really fucked up with you

It hurts to see you move on

Knowing that I’m to blame

I’m glad you’re in a better place

I’m still filled with shame

What is happiness anyways?

And why does it mean so much?

I’ve torn apart a family

I’ve lost my only crutch

I’m sorry that I hurt you

In the process I hurt me to

And there’s no turning back now

No matter what I do




They all just want to use me

And leave me here alone

Leave me here bleeding

While they just go on home


What do they have that i don’t

why must i live in solace

Why can’t you be with me

Why can’t you keep your promise


I am so alone

I have been since day 1

And on the day i met you

I thought my life had begun


But you just came to leave me

My life is so unfair

With no one here to love me

And without a soul that cares