Should I move on?

It seems you have?

I guess you didn’t mean it?

I guess our time has passed


all i ever wanted was you

how do i move on

push aside these fantasies

and do my best to be strong


I wish that you would love me

but there’s other lives involved

i hate to say it’s not meant to be

but it seems your heart is flawed


My heart is so filled with hurt

i wanna lay down and die

you don’t deserve a tear from me

and i don’t want to cry


please i really need you

don’t leave me in the dark

i know you still love me

i still feel the spark


i know this is confusing

but it’s what’s inside my head

I can’t help it i’m bi polar for you

i feel so mislead


why do you play with me

i need you to let me go

so i can be me again

and shove the pain below

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