Follow Me I know The Way

follow me to crazy town
your almost halfway there
it's full of the  maniacal
and others mad as a march hare

follow me through these twisted meadows
and all this grass of blue
you'll find the ones you've left behind
just go right on through

you'll lose the rest of your sanity 
but who needs it anyway
 fair warning once you step inside
you'll never  be the same

Last Call

one last poem before i die before i kiss the world goodbye and go to the lake of fire to fry and though you'll miss me i will sigh it is not anything that you do that makes me want to bid this world adieu and i know this is a day that you will rue it had everything and nothing to do with you i did not give you one last kiss before i slipped into my state of bliss and floated into the great abyss but know it's always you i'll miss


another everlasting second
another excruciating day 
all these hours have passed 
since the day you walked away
Image just tried to get close to you but you always push me back you just use me and abuse me and i take up all the slack one day you'll regret this because im beautiful and true and the next time you come around i'll want nothing to do with you

murderous heart

murderous heart

I dream of puddles of blood around me
mine and yours
i want to feel you close to me
but you keep closing the doors

I dream of your lips against my skin
of a life we can build together
Please just let me in
don’t give up altogether

I dream of a place where we can be alone
and no one in the world can disturb us
a place where i can cast the stone
and we can give in to this unrequited lust

But mostly i dream of you
and those haunting eyes
and what those hands will do
and a place of never goodbye